Electric Transaxle with 2200w 24v Electric Engine Motor for Electric Pallet Truck

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Prodcut features:

Comfortable and low noise, less than or equal to 60db.

Long battery life, energy saving.

High safety, with differential function.

Customized on demand, various specifications.

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Brand Name HLM Model Number 9-C03S-80S-300W
Usage Hotels Product name Gearbox
Ratio 1/18 Packing details 1PC/CTN 30PCS/PALLET
Motor type PMDC Planetary Gear Motor Output Power 200-250W
Structures Gear Housing Place of Origin Zhejiang, China

Analysis of common faults of transaxle

The transaxle is a mechanism located at the end of the drive train that can change the speed and torque from the transmission and transmit them to the drive wheels. The transaxle is generally composed of the final reducer, differential, wheel transmission and transaxle shell, etc, and the steering transaxle also has constant velocity universal joints.

During the operation of the transaxle, various failures often occur. Today Zhongyun will work with you to analyze the reasons for the damage of each component and help you choose the drive axle better.

1. Damage analysis of transaxle axle housing and half shaft casing

(1) Bending deformation of the axle housing: resulting in breakage of the axle shaft and abnormal wear of the tires.

(2) Axle casing and main reducer casing are combined with plane wear and deformation: causing oil leakage; causing the connecting bolts between the main reducer and the axle casing to often loosen or even break.

(3) The interference fit between the half shaft sleeve and the axle housing is loose.

Due to fretting wear, the outermost journal of the shaft tube is most likely to loosen, and it is difficult to find it without pulling out the shaft tube; will drag.

2. Damage analysis of main reducer housing

The deformation of the housing and the wear of the bearing holes lead to poor meshing of the bevel gears and a reduction in the contact area, resulting in early damage to the gears and increased transmission noise.

3. Half shaft damage analysis

(1) spline wear, twist deformation;

(2) Semi-axis fracture (stress concentration point);

(3) The journal wear of the outer end of the semi-floating half shaft and the bearing;

4. Damage analysis of differential case

(1) Planetary gear spherical seat wear;

(2) Abrasion of the bearing end face of the side gear and wear of the journal seat hole of the side gear;

(3) Rolling bearing journal wear;

(4) Differential cross shaft hole wear;

The wear of the above parts will increase the respective matching clearance and the meshing clearance of the gears, resulting in abnormal noise.

5. Gear damage analysis

(1) The contact surface of the bevel gear is worn and peeled off, which increases the meshing gap, resulting in high transmission noise, and even tooth knocking.

(2) The thread damage of the active bevel gear makes its positioning inaccurate, resulting in tooth beating.

(3) Side gear and planetary gear wear (tooth surface, tooth back, support journal, internal spline).

HLM company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification in 2007, and implemented the enterprise resource planning (ERP) management system, forming an efficient and perfect quality management system. Our quality policy is “implementing standards, creating excellence in quality, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.”

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