24v Golf Cart Rear Axle Or Electric Drive Shafts Motor Kit Used For Electric Scooters

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High precition ( high precition gear,comfortable and low noise)

High security ( wiht differential function, long endurence, energy saving)

Electromagnetic brake ( stop as song as you let go, and brake when power is off)

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Brand Name HLM Model Number 10-C03L-80L-300W
Usage Hotels Product name Gearbox
Ratio 1/18 Packing details 1PC/CTN 30PCS/PALLET
Motor type PMDC Planetary Gear Motor


Output Power 1000W
Structures Gear Housing Place of Origin Zhejiang, China

Causes of abnormal sound and oil leakage on the rear axle of golf carts:

1. Too much bearing preload, too small gear meshing backlash, incorrect meshing marks, lack of lubricating oil, etc. can cause abnormal heating, which should be eliminated in time before the vehicle is allowed to leave.

2. The meshing marks and backlash of the driving and driven bevel gears do not match, and the gears are damaged and the bearings are excessively worn, which can cause abnormal noises.

3. Frequently check whether there is lubricating oil leakage at each connection part, and eliminate it in time if found.

4. Always check the fastening degree of each connection part, if it is loose, tighten it immediately to avoid accidents.

5. The soil outside the vent plug should be removed frequently to keep the air hole unblocked. Always check the amount of lubricating oil, not too much and not missing.
The golf electric sightseeing car is a relatively high-end sightseeing car, which is suitable for golf courses, and is used for people to check the goals or visit the field. This kind of car is smaller than ordinary sightseeing cars, and can usually take 2-3 people. The horsepower of the power system is relatively small, and it is a kind of small sightseeing car. In terms of the maintenance of the golf electric sightseeing car, let’s take a look at what problems often occur with this car and how to solve them.

First, there is the matter of power and direction in operation. During the operation of the golf electric sightseeing car, the steering wheel may suddenly fail to turn. The appearance of this journal may be caused by the problem of the steering machine, and the jamming of the vertical shaft of the direction may also cause such problems. The solution is to add some oil to the steering gear or vertical shaft to keep it lubricated. When driving a golf electric sightseeing car, it is also prone to the situation that the brakes are not easy to use. This problem may be due to the sudden locking of the brakes or the failure of the bearings. The way to add Jue is to adjust the brake system, or replace the new bearing equipment. For the failure of the forward and backward control of the vehicle, the reason should be found in the controller and accelerator, as well as the motor and circuit, and some corresponding treatment methods should be taken.

Second, some issues with battery charging. When charging the golf electric sightseeing car, you may encounter that the charger cannot charge the electric energy. The reason for this problem is probably caused by the mismatch between the charger and the battery, or it may be that there is a fault in the charging, or there is a problem with the circuit. The battery and charger should be overhauled in time, and at the same time, ensure that the charging voltage is consistent with the voltage required by the battery.

Finally, the problem when the vehicle starts. What happened when the golf electric sightseeing car suddenly failed to start? On the one hand, check the battery level, on the other hand, check whether the fuse of the controller is in good condition, and check whether the line connection is normal. If there is no problem, check the switch of the car. These situations may cause the vehicle to fail. Started normally.

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1. The techincle service the development stage scooter mobility cleaning equipment
2. Personalized transaxie of development and productionand trolley vehicles
3. Supply analysis of drive failure causes. More efficient and time saving during the development
4. Quick reflection for system update. To provide service on wearing spare parts

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