Transaxle With 1000w 24v Electric Engine Motor For Electric Tractor

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Brand Name HLM Model Number C04G-125LGA-1000W
Usage Hotels Product name Gearbox
Ratio 1/18 Packing Carton
Motor type PMDC Planetary Gear Motor Output Power 1000W
Mounting Types Square Application Cleaning machine


Item value
Warranty 1 years
Applicable Industries Hotels, Garment Shops, Farms, Restaurant, Retail, Printing Shops
Weight (KG) 6KG
Customized support OEM
Gearing Arrangement Bevel / Miter
Output Torque 7-30
Input Speed 3600-3800rpm
Output Speed 200-211rpm

Drive axles are widely used in various electric vehicles such as scooters, sweepers, and trucks. So what are the functions of drive axles?

The drive axle is at the end of the power train and its basic functions are:
1. The engine torque transmitted from the cardan drive is transmitted to the driving wheels through the final reducer, differential, half shaft, etc., so as to reduce the speed and increase the torque;
2. Change the direction of torque transmission through the bevel gear pair of the main reducer;
3. Realize the differential speed of the wheels on both sides through the differential to ensure that the inner and outer wheels turn at different speeds;
4. Carry out bearing and force transmission through the axle housing and wheels.

Improvement and Application of Electric Rear Axle
The rear axle of an electric vehicle refers to the rear axle, which is used to support the wheels and link the rear wheel device. If it is a front drive vehicle, then the rear axle is just a tag axle. Only play a bearing role. If the front axle is not the driving axle, then the rear axle is the driving rear axle. At this time, in addition to the load bearing function, it also plays the role of driving deceleration and differential speed. The electric vehicle rear axle belongs to the application technical field of vehicles. It includes a rear axle housing formed with a shell cavity, a differential set in the shell cavity and carrying a large sprocket, a pair of respective one ends are respectively connected with the differential transmission and the other ends are fixed respectively. The left and right half shafts of the left and right hubs, one end of the rear axle housing are narrowed to form a first pivot hole and a pedal sprocket accommodation cavity; the other end is narrowed to have a second pivot hole, which is different The two ends of the transmission are pivotally placed on the first and second pivot holes respectively, and the transmission connection between a pair of left and right half shafts and the differential is a spline connection, and the pedal sprocket accommodation cavity is provided with a Pedal sprocket connected to the differential.

Because this kind of rear axle can improve the adaptability of the electric vehicle to the road conditions, the operation control effect is good, the driving is stable and labor-saving, and it is beneficial to increase the safety, so that the electric vehicle can improve the climbing ability and increase the torque, save electricity, and is convenient for installation and processing. Economical and practical.

Jinhua Huilong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of transaxles, mobility scooters and mobility scooter accessories, such as controllers, chargers and battery displays.

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