Transaxle With 24v 800w Dc Motor For Trolley And Cleaning Machine

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Warranty 1 years
Applicable Industries Hotels, Garment Shops, Farms, Restaurant, Retail, Printing Shops
Weight (KG) 14KG
Customized support OEM
Gearing Arrangement Bevel / Miter
Output Torque 25-55
Input Speed 2500-3800rpm
Output Speed 65-152rpm

How to maintain TRANSAXLE in winter?

First of all, HLM’s answer to you is of course that you need to maintain it accordingly.

1. Frequently check whether the fastening bolts and nuts of the various parts of the drive axle are loose or fall off.

2. Regularly replace the lubricating oil of the main reducer and the lubricating grease of the wheel hub. If the main reducers are all hypoid gears, the hypoid gear oil must be filled according to regulations, otherwise, it will lead to accelerated wear of the hypoid gears. Use No. 28 hyperbolic gear oil in summer and No. 22 hyperbolic gear oil in winter.

3. Due to the large torque transmitted by the flange of the axle shaft and the impact load, it is necessary to check the fastening of the axle bolts frequently to prevent the axle bolts from breaking due to looseness.

4. When the new car travels 1500-3000 km, remove the main reducer assembly, clean the inner cavity of the reducer axle housing, and replace the lubricating oil. After that, replace it once a year in winter and summer.

5. When the vehicle travels 3500-4500 km and performs the third-level maintenance, disassemble and clean all parts of the rear axle. When assembling, the mating surfaces of each bearing, gear and each journal should be coated with grease. After the rear axle assembly is reinstalled, new lubricating oil must be added, and the temperature rise of the reducer assembly and hub bearings should be checked when the vehicle is re-driving for 10 km. If there is overheating, the thickness of the gasket should be increased.

6. When the vehicle travels 6000-8000 km, the secondary maintenance should be carried out. During maintenance, the wheel hub should be removed, the inner cavity of the wheel hub and the hub bearing should be cleaned, the space between the bearing inner ring roller and the cage should be filled with grease, and then reinstalled, and the wheel hub bearing should be adjusted according to regulations. When assembling, pay attention to check whether the half shaft sleeve and bearing nut thread are damaged. If it is severely bumped or the fit gap is too large, it must be replaced. Check and replenish the lubricating oil in the rear axle, check the vent plug to keep it clean and unblocked.

The maintenance of our Transaxle produced by HLM is actually very simple, just add 100ml of lubricating oil every six months. Don’t worry about other convenient issues, it will save you a lot of unnecessary trouble in maintaining Transaxle. Because the purpose of our HLM Transaxle is to put quality first, fine production, fine assembly and fine packaging, so that customers can use our Transaxle conveniently and efficiently.

1. How can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

2. What can you buy from us?
Transaxle, Electric Transaxle, Rear Transaxle, Gear Box, Motor Transaxle

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