The design of the drive axle and its classification


The drive axle design should meet the following basic requirements:
1. The main deceleration ratio should be selected to ensure the best power and fuel economy of the car.
2. The external dimensions should be small to ensure the necessary ground clearance. Mainly refers to the size of the main reducer as small as possible.
3. Gears and other transmission parts work stably with low noise.
4. High transmission efficiency under various speeds and loads.
5. Under the condition of ensuring sufficient strength and stiffness, the mass should be small, especially the unsprung mass should be as small as possible to improve the ride comfort of the car.
6. Coordinate with the movement of the suspension guide mechanism. For the steering drive axle, it should also be coordinated with the movement of the steering mechanism.
7. The structure is simple, the processing technology is good, the manufacture is easy, and the disassembly, assembly and adjustment are convenient.


The drive axle is divided into two categories: non-disconnected and disconnected.
When the driving wheel adopts non-independent suspension, the non-disconnected drive axle should be selected. The non-disconnected drive axle is also called an integral drive axle, and its half shaft sleeve and the main reducer housing are rigidly connected to the shaft housing as an integral beam, so the half shafts on both sides and the drive wheel are related to swing, through elastic The element is attached to the frame. It consists of a drive axle housing, a final reducer, a differential and a half shaft.
The drive axle adopts independent suspension, that is, the main reducer shell is fixed on the frame, and the side axles and drive wheels on both sides can move relative to the vehicle body in the lateral plane, which is called a disconnected drive axle.
In order to cooperate with the independent suspension, the final drive housing is fixed on the frame (or body), the drive axle housing is segmented and connected by hinges, or there is no other part of the drive axle housing except the final drive housing. In order to meet the needs of the driving wheels to jump up and down independently, universal joints are used to connect the half shaft sections between the differential and the wheels.

Post time: Nov-01-2022